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ICP Tokens

Learn about the ICP tokens, how to stake and get involved in the governance of the Internet Computer and see how ICP can be converted to the cycles which are used for computation.

Get & Store tokens

One of the best ways to engage with the ecosystem is to explore the world of tokens. Tokens allow users, investors and developers to particpate in the network by allowing computation, staking, voting, governance, and ownership.

What can you do with the ICP token?

ICP is a utility token that allows developers to pay for computation and allows users to participate in and govern the Internet Computer blockchain network.

Convert ICP into cycles to pay for computation

Canister smart contracts burn cycles as they operate. Developers need to regularly top up their cycle balance in order to keep dapps running.

The easiest way to obtain cycles is to exchange ICP tokens. The price of cycles is fixed to ensure your computational cost is always predictable.

Get free cycles

Check out NNS dApp

What is covered by $10 worth of cycles?

~10 years

Hosting a 200MB static website bundle

1 year

Storing a full NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs

Earn staking rewards

Tokens can be ‘locked’ in neurons allowing users to stake tokens and vote on network proposals. Staking and voting are easily to do in the official NNS dapp.

Staking rewards start from 11.2% APY and get as high as 21.0% APY if you stake for 8 years.

Learn more about network governance

Start Staking

Efficient and cheap ICP transfers

The fee of an ICP ledger transaction is fixed at 0.0001 ICP. It allows efficient transfers and dapp payments. Use the NNS dapp or the available wallets to send transactions.

Fixed transaction fee

0.0001 ICP


A range of custody options are available, including support for holding private keys in an airgapped machine or ledger device.

See Ledger instructions for Internet Computer (ICP)

Learn more about custody options

Strong team & community

With 4 research centres, over 200 patents and over 100,000 citations, our team and community consist of world-class cryptographers, programming language experts, formals methods researchers, economists, engineers, developers, and some of the best community folks you’ve seen.

Blockchain's largest R&D operation

As a core contributor, DFINITY’s team of world-class researchers, cryptographers and engineers propose, design and develop improvements to the Internet Computer blockchain.

Meet the team


Internet Computer community commits to long term future of the project. 50% of tokens staked, nearly 25% of all tokens are staked for over 8 years.

Join The Conversation

Start discussing your ideas for what the DFINITY Foundation should prioritize for the Internet Computer, and collaborate on ecosystem topics with the Internet Computer community.

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